Burn calories: Burn them effectively in these 5 proven ways

burn calories effectively

Burn calories: Burn them effectively in these 5 proven ways

Looking for ways to burn some calories? Want to get into shape for summer?

If yes, we dedicate this article to you. Read along to find out how.

Burn calories with these scientifically proven ways:

For years, products have been labeled to burn calories and make you lean. But to tell you the truth they rarely work, if at all. Before we tell you how you can burn calories, here are the main factors on which it depends:

  • Basic metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Pace of exercise
  • Duration of Exercise
  • Activity level

You should keep these factors in mind if your goal is to burn calories. Basal metabolic rate is determined by genetics so it is not your concern. Adopt these ways to burn calories effectively:


Cardiovascular exercises have been present since the beginning therefore it is one of the best ways to help you burn calories and get rid of that body fat. Heartbeat is increased significantly as the muscles require more oxygen to continue the work. A higher heartbeat means higher body temperature which consequently means burning more calories.


While yoga might not be your thing, it has been proven to blaze calories. The number of calories you flicker per yoga session highly depends on:

  • The length of the session
  • Your body weights
  • The intensity of the session
  • Type of yoga e.tc

For any given exercise, it’s very difficult to calculate the exact number of calories. The same goes for yoga but a study by Carolyn C Clay showed that the volunteers burned 2.23 calories per minute while practicing yoga

Weight training:

Although weight training is more common in men, both the gender can benefit equally from its calorie-burning effect.

Weight training is among the best HIIT workouts out therefore, it bumps up your heart in a matter of seconds and most importantly, its effect lasts even after the exercise. You’ll continue to feel that burn even after you have completed the exercise.

Drinking more water:

Yes, we know it might sound weird but drinking cold water has proved to burn calories and in turn lose belly fat. Your body performs its function of making urine the moment you drink water. A study by Michael Boschman showed that drinking water increased the resting metabolic rate by 30%

No more crash Dieting

Last but not the least, your diet plays an important role in making you lose belly fat. At the end of the day, you want to burn calories to lose belly fat. And there is only one way to lose it, and that Is by being in a calorie deficit. No matter how hard you train in the gym, if your diet isn’t right, you’ll not see any results.

Eat a clean healthy diet to lose belly fat

So, what’s the takeaway?

You can burn calories by increasing your activity levels. Adopt any one or multiple above-mentioned methods to burn fats and stay fit and lean.

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